The production of cognacs of different aging considerably increased in recent years. The portfolio of the company includes own brands «Gold Baku», «Hayat», «Mersi Baku», «Gilan» and distilled beverages "Amigo", "Buzz", "Milord", "Gold Baku", "Antiqrustin". In addition, the company produces and exports cognacs under the leasing agreements with trademarks "Vizier», «Babeck», «Tetroni» of foreign companies.
 All produced cognacs have exquisite taste and aroma that has been repeatedly confirmed in taste tests conducted in different countries of the CIS and Europe.
In order to bring the quality of wines and designer clearance productions to international standards the company is working closely with the French companies "Version Oriqinale" and "Raoul Domec", Italian companies "Bormioli Luigi" and "Vetroelite", etc.
 The demand on wine and cognac products of dynamically developing "Agro-Azerinvest"Ltdis growing. Currently, more than 50% of its production is exported to various countries, including the major partner of the leading companies in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Also effective works to create and build new relationships in other countries are implemented.